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I ripped my own CDs. The names do not have any periods in them. They are .mp3. Why won’t they play in Fotomagico 4? They work fine in Fotomagico 3. Also, will these export to movie files?

What does your song names look like? Can you provide us with a sample file by sending it to support(at)boinx.com with reference to this forum post. Thanks!

Great APP…my major problem…when i upload a slideshow with an itunes song to YOU-TUBE in SD 480p format…it is accepted
…but viewing restrictions are imposed for iphones and apple t.v…if i upload the SAME slideshow and song in HD 720p …
slideshow and SONG is Accepted…NO RESTRICTIONS IMPOSED…BUT ALL pictures are Zoomed in upon…I NEED to
upload the screen size SD 480p is Showing… BUT in the HD 720p format…have tried many different ways to no avail .
Thank You .

@vangelis879: Does the export from FotoMagico work if you are running an Apple-TV export? You can use this exported movie file and upload it to YouTube regularly via your internet browser (e.g. Safari) without using the YouTube upload build into FotoMagico. Maybe this is a workaround for you.