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This window is different in Version 4 the ‘Display alignment guides’ is not there! where do I find it?

My “apply automatic animation” button IS NOT checked yet images still come up in two panes. I have to uncheck the animation button manually for each image…Too time consuming.

@mykclk: To disable the alignment guides hold down the ctrl key while dragging the image.

@shoot802: The “Apply automatic animation” option in the “Authoring” preference panel does only control the behavior of FotoMagico when inserting a new image and the “Animation” option is enabled. It gives your image a random pan/zoom animation. FotoMagico uses your last made settings for new images. So to definitely switching off the “Animation” option select any image, check and uncheck the Animation option in the Slides option panel on the left. After that your newly added images shouldn’t have Animation enabled. In addition: You are able to select multiple images in the timeline at once and uncheck this Animation option in the Slides panel with a single click.

What happens if a pic is in the format 1:1? Is it portrait or landscape or none of them?

It would be great if you could also provide a Preference for disabling the Zoom to Fill feature when adding slides - if it results in a crop. I spend a lot of time on composition, and when I prepare slide shows for different aspect ratios, Fotomagico invariable zooms images to fill the screen - even if it means cropping the image!! This ruins my composition and I have to painstakingly edit each and ever slide that has been auto-zoomed to correct this. VERY ANNOYING!

@Gonzo Thanks for your feature request! As a workaround you can change the zoom option for all your images at once: Find the images you want to be scaled “fit to Screen” in you timeline at the bottom of your FotoMagico document window. You can select multiple images by

  • pressing “cmd-A” on your keyboard to select all of your images
  • hold down the shift key while clicking on the slides to extend your selection
  • hold down the option key while clicking to select or deselect individual images
  • use the rubber band to select a group of images

Now that you have selected all the images you want to be “Fit to Screen” you can right click on one of the selected images to reveal a context menu. Select “Zoom > Show Whole Image” in that menu. All the selected images should now be placed so that they are shown completely and centred.

Please note that also the “Options” panel allows you to change values for multiple images at the same time like Slide Duration, Transition Duration, Transition Type and much more!