Unable to Update

I have tried updating the latest version of Fotomagico without success. I continually get an Update Error. I am running on a Mac Studio with the Apple M1 Chip, running on Sonoma 14.1.

Try uninstalling the current version that you have and then download the latest from the companies website

Today, I tried to update to the current version of FM and got an error:
Bild 13.03.24 um 20.55

Unfortunately, this is not the first time and is not an exception but rather the rule that updating fails.
Of course, I can download the newest version from the website, but if the updating functionality is integrated, it should work!
Please work on making it more reliable.

Silberpilot, I am sorry you are experiencing troubles while updating FotoMagico. May I ask from which version to which version you are attempting to update? This information could help us identify the cause on our end and resolve the issue.

@Achim_Boinx Thanks for your reply.
I tried to update from 6.5.7bX (latest beta version of 6.5.7) to 6.5.8.
But, as I already mentioned, this is rather the rule than an exception. Actually, automatic updating was successful only 2 - 3 times since I use FM (January 24) while I had to update manually the rest of the versions.