Unable to stream 50fps on Facebook

I don’t know if this depends strictly from Mimolive or not, I broadcast at 1080p 50fps for a volleyball team, but for some time now, on this and other pages I manage, the stream has been re-encoded in realtime from Facebook at 30fps. The resolution on the other hand is correctly maintained at 1080p.
I don’t touch any of the encoding parameters, it’s all by default: does anyone know what it might depend on?

The engineers at Facebook don’t seem to understand that there is a world outside of the United States where other framerates are used. So yeah, Facebook only supports 30 or 60 fps on any of the supported resolutions.

Well that’s not exactly the case. As I wrote in the first post, I find the problem only on some of the pages I manage, on others I continue to stream regularly at 50fps…

And, I add, even on this same page that I refer to until a few months ago I regularly streamed at 50fps…

HI @totoventi I’m sorry to hear about the troubles. We do not have any indication that this is in any way connected to mimoLive. The outgoing stream is always the frame rate that the document is set to. Re-encoding happens on Facebook’s end and I don’t think we would have any influence over that.

As far as I know Facebook only suppors 30 and 60 fps with RTMP. Same goes for YouTube by the way which is very annoying when you have to produce/record in broadcast standards but also need to stream it. YouTube used to support 25 and 50 fps but dropped it a couple of years ago and now re-encode to the closest 30 or 60 fps framerate.

Where do you stream your volleybal matches? Where can I find these on Facebook? I also do a lot of volleybal games (incl. for the Dutch national men/women teams) and would like to see what you create.