Unable to select font size in mimoLive 6.0

It seems impossible to select a different font size for text in mimoLive 6.0. I can select a different font family, a different typeface and a different color, but no matter what I try it’s impossible to choose (or enter) a different font size.

In which layer or source?
I tried it at several places, but it worked.

On Intel? M1?
Does this phenomenon also occur in 6.0.2?

Seems to work now with 6.0.2. Not sure it it’s a specific 6.0.1 problem or that was just my instance temporarily not working correctly. I also regularly have problems with selecting a color, also in FCPX by the way. I sometimes have to select it two or three times before it actually works. But sometimes it also works immediately?!?! It looked similar to that problem.

That’s strange.

Sometimes, I have troubles to close a source’s dialogue. This happens, when I click the main window, instead of the source’s dialogue. But except of this, everything seems to work fine.