Unable to have a clean cut between layer sets

Hi all,

I depend heavily on Mimolive to run my virtual events. I use ZoomISO to pull speakers from zoom meetings, and send them to mimolive as syphon feeds.

For people in a group, I would use the split screen layer (2Up or 3Up) and for a full shot, use a regular placer. I would like to cut between shots during the event.

However when I cut between the layers, there is a 1 frame glitch which happens. I have exported screen grabs of this happening. How can I avoid this?


Hi @Gabriel_Ng Thanks for trusting mimoLive!

A couple of suggestions: Can you put the single person shot on top of the 2up so that it covers it? When you turn that off, the layers below will already be populated. Does that eliminate the glitch?

Some glitches can be avoided by using dissolve 0 seconds instead of cut.

I never thought of a 0 second dissolve! I’ve noticed this 1-frame blank screen happens when switching variants and will try this out.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx, no it doesn’t. The only way to eliminate it is if we open the multi view and select the layer that we want to switch to, so that the syphon sources will show in the multi view.
This is a viable solution though. Syphon inputs do not persist in the multiview unlike video sources from a Decklink.

@JoPhi, I didn’t know that was possible I should try it. thanks.

Hi @Gabriel_Ng could you please send me your document so that I can reproduce this?