Unable to create standalone player

I have a 15 min presentation of about 100 photos that works fine except when I try to create a stand alone presentation, I get error message during creation. It finishes Exporting media files. As soon as it begins Creating Stanalone Player, the error message appears: “Files” couldn’t be copied to “Men Celebration V10” because an item with the same name. To save the file, either provide a different name, or move aside or delete existing file, and try again". I tried to save in different folders but with the same result. I looked at every media file I am using and there are no duplicates I can find. More curiously, it creates the player with only first two slides. I tried removing third slide and made no difference to error message or what it created. I am on Ver 4.6.6 and most recent iMac and OS with plenty of disk space.

I am having the same problem. It occurred after I upgraded to version 4.6.7. I get a message that “FotoMagico” has hit a bump…and I am unable to create a standalone player. Any ideas?

Since updating to 4.6.7 I too cannot create a Standalone player.
A window tells me ‘we have a bit of a bump in the road’ and that the file is in an inconsistent state and to close. It then asks if I want to recover files which when ‘yes’ saves empty file!!! It is OK for everything else.
Fortunately, I saved a copy of the previous version and have reverted back to that.
Have sent other messages about this but have had no response.