Two Virtual Camera Outputs from Two Docs

I have a use case for two documents outputting two different virtual cameras on the same machine.

Is this even possible?

When I got to select my cameras I’m only seeing one MimoLive doc’s virtual camera - even if two ML docs are open on the machine.

Just checking to see is anyone knows if this is even possible and if so how.

At the moment my workaround is to use OBS as a second VC but I’d rather stick with Mimolive for both - especially as automations can then control both with docs simultaneously.

Hi @Nick_Booker Thanks for your feature suggestion. It is currently not possible to have 2 virtual camera outputs. I’ve added it to the feature requests.

Thanks Oliver! I’m really hoping the new MBP max is going to allow multiple documents to livestream rmtp, locally record and two virtual cameras would be really handy. It’s a shame to have to use OBS as mimo is the best. Although TBH part of the issue my machine has with Mimo is the chroma key filter - OBS, ManyCam, Zoom etc seem to handle chroma with less CPU. Does that make sense to you? Any tips.