Two questions (transitions @ demo)


When I wanted to open the demo slideshow I got an error mentioning: ‘This document cannot be opened because it is empty.’ What happened here?

Secondly, when I enter some photos into the storyboard (as mentioned in the youtube tutorials) they stop after each photo. no matter what settings I choose. Please, I want a quick solution because tuesday evening I have a presentation of some of my photos for my midterms photography.


It seems like the demo slideshow got corrupted in the download process. Please re-download FotoMagico from our Web site and install it over the current installation.

About the stopping. when you select a slide, please check the options sidebar if it is set to “on click” or “at marker” instead of “after duration”. If it is not at “after duration”, please set it that way.


Thank you for your answer. I had to restart my iMac in order to re-install it, but it works fine now.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.