Twitch account not reinstalling

I don’t remember how I lost them, but my Twitch settings are no longer in my Prefs.

When I go to reconnect, I am sent to my web browser for the authentication. When I click on ‘Authorise’, I am silently returned to the mimoLive Prefs and nothing is added for Twitch.

Can I do anything to reset the settings or something like that?


Hello? Anyone know how to do this?

My backup machine reauthorised without any trouble, but my main machine has lost Twitch access and I can’t find how to restore it.

I tried getting this working the other day using the stream key. Twitch is requiring multi factor authentication now for programs that use the stream key. Do you have that enabled by chance? I wonder if that’s holding up your stream for some reason using the standard login.

I have managed to stream to Twitch using the stream key and a custom RTMP destination.

But I still can’t get it to recognise my account in preferences … (on my main machine) …

using ML 5.2? I’m having a similar issue with youtube on 5.2, it won’t login and broadcast, having to use the stream key / custom RTMP option as well.

Thanks for reporting this. We’re looking into it. Unfortunately, the platforms are constantly changing things…

You need 2FA to be able to broadcast to Twitch. However, you only need it to get an RTMP stream URL and key, not to actually stream. But of course, this implies that you now have to have 2FA enabled if you want to use the Twitch API integration in mimoLive… We’ll investigate and update mimoLive and the docs asap.

I’m not sure this is a Twitch problem. As I mentioned above, I have no problem with my backup machine, but the primary machine doesn’t add the Twitch ID to the accounts pane after I’ve authorised via the Twitch website auth popup.

Our investigation revealed that Twitch shut down the API we are using in mimoLive to talk to the Twitch back end. We are working on a fix.

For now you need to use a custom RTMP URL if you want to stream to Twitch. Find your best ingest server here: . You will need to add your streaming key which you can find in your dashboard of your twitch account. Put this into a Live Streaming output destination with “Custom RTMP” setting. Sorry about this inconvenience!

So, I guess the backup machine is relying on settings that were retrieved earlier …

No problem, I’m happy to do manually for now.

It’s truly amazing how often all of these services break their APIs …

I wonder whether they really want us to use them at all?

@wibbly yeah, wondering that myself. guess its good they have security but jumping through these hoops all the time and then making changes on a whim is quite annoying, to say the least.