tweaking more than one layer at a time...

This might be better in the “Feature Request” section, but since FM 5 is still in beta, I figured I’d place it here.

In Timeline Mode, if I want to tweak a layer on a slide (left/right/up/down) I can just select that layer, hold down the Command key, and then use the arrow keys to move it in small increments. BUT, if I want to move MORE THAN ONE LAYER, I can’t :frowning: I can select more than one layer by holding down the Command key and then clicking on each layer. But then the stage turns black and it looks like nothing is selected.

I’m asking for this because I am using titles (one layer) which are sitting on top of a black gradient strip (a second layer) that runs underneath (solid black on the left to almost clear on the right) which was created to be almost twice as long as the working stage. Depending on whether the image is horizontal or vertical, and the color of the photo underneath, I can move that strip back and forth or up and down wherever I think it looks best. BUT, if I want to move that strip (e.g. up and down) I ALSO want to move the title along with it (so the title appears in the same place relative to the strip). I’d like to move both at the same time, but currently I can’t do that.

Is that something that can be implemented before the official release of FM 5 (and maybe incorporated into FM 4 as well – although, it’s probably time to move on when version 5 is finally released)?