.tvshow files not updating on google drive folders

After upgrading to ML 6.2 - Files stored on Goggle drive folders stopped updating when changes are saved.

I have mimoLive installed on 2 MacOS macbook pros. I create and edit the shows on one and open it on the other when we go live. I use Google drive file stream to make the folders available and have been creating / editing the .tvshow files directly in the google folders. This has been working fine for 1+ years, until I upgraded to ML 6.2. Now, when I open a show, I don’t see the temporary files being created - and when I save it, the Google Drive folder doesn’t get updated. Interestingly, the changes are saved to the local machine - but not synchronized with the folder in the cloud.

Not sure if this is due to changes in MimoLive or Google drive…

Anyone else seeing this behavior?