"Turbo .264 not connected"

I have just purchased a brand new iMac, and recently bought Fotomagico 3.8. I have created a great slide show, but when I try to share it by creating a movie (of any kind) there is an option that is greyed out (I never had this problem on my old Mac). It says “Turbo .264 not connected”. I tried downloading the turbo .264 software, but it is not compatible with the Fotomagico file format - so that didn’t help.

Can someone help please?

Do you have a Turbo .264 stick connected directly to your Mac? USB hubs sometimes don’t enough power for those…

Please make sure you have installed the Turbo Software, because the driver it installs are required.

I am confused. I never had to install anything in my old iMac – neither did I have to plug in any Turbo 264 stick. my computer simply had this option.

If there’s anything I need to download, over and above the $50 software I erroneously purchased yesterday (Turbo 264 video converter - an Elgato Systems product which does not recognize Fotomagico files) I would appreciate it if you could provide me with the link.

You just don’t need that option if you don’t have the Turbo stick, no worries.

but how do i create an hd movie? for a 20min slide show it said 6 hours!!!

That’s right, it takes so long because the amount of data is that huge. The mentioned stick can take some of the tasks to speed the process up, but without it can take that long, that’s quite normal for HD stuff…

I’m still confused. I never had this problem with my old iMac. the h.264 option was just THERE - no extra peripherals. Apple doesn’t know what I’m talking about! They sent me to you! It must be in the system - otherwise it wouldn’t say “not connected”. I am totally lost - and frustrated!

Do you have any other suggestions?

h.264 and turbo.264 are two different things. The turbo.264 stick is an extra piece of hardware (a small USB stick) that accelerates h.264 exports. h.264 is a special format that is very efficient and makes large movies reasonably small.
So to export for h.264 you simply do the normal HD export (yes it will take long, as Rudi already mentioned because it is quite a lot of data) and it will be a h.264 movie. If you don’t have the said USB stick it of course says “not connected” and your iMac hadn’t used this stick either.
Don’t worry, there is no problem.
Simply ask Elgato to refund you for the Turbo.264 Software your bough. They are nice people, and there should be no issue with that.

thank you for the very clear explanation. the only question that remains unanswered is why the h.264 was an accessible option on my old imac without any usb stick. any ideas?

If you don’t have the turbo stick, you don’t have a turbo stick, no matter what any software says.

Maybe it was displayed by mistake, but you can only take advantage of the acceleration with the mentioned turbo stick, even if the option was enabled in the past (which should not happen without the stick connected). So everything is as it should be now.

I also need help with the elgato 264 turbo and getting it to work with fotomagico. If I get the stick which I think I need, do I “share” to HD movie and have the stick installed at the same time and then it just helps the process along, or does it become a two step process where I have to encode it and then use the elgato software?

You don’t have to connect the Turbo stick to use FotoMagico, you can just enhance the HD export speed. If the stick is connected the appropriate option in the HD export dialog will be clickable. So if you enable it the export will run faster. If not it will just run on the normal speed.

Thanks, I bought it and it seems to work.

Hi. When you say “Turbo stick” do you mean the Elgato Turbo 264 HD 1080p Video Encoder/Accelerator http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0021CACGC/ref=asc_df_B0021CACGC5322396?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=googlecouk06-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22206&creativeASIN=B0021CACGC

Thanks very much