Trouble working with images that are OFF the workspace...

I want to create a right to left animation of 3 images, each of equal size, and each placed to the right of the next one (basically 3 in a horizontal row), with the first one moving in from the right of the work area, then when it fully appears the NEXT one will appear to follow in, and then the last one (by now the left one will have partly disappeared off the left side of the work area). Eventually, ALL will have moved across the slide from right to left, appearing on the right, and disappearing on the left (kind of a moving film strip).

The problem is, when working on an animation, the START and FINISH slides meet on screen at an imaginary center point, and I can’t really see what I’m doing on the START slide if I place any image to the right of the “center” of the screen – it disappears past the dashed line running down the middle of the screen (without any way to control its handles or move it around).

I know this is getting complex as far as a presentation is concerned, but complexity in the presentation makes for an interesting show, with different variations.

So, what I’d like to see in future versions is the ability to SEE images that fall OFF the workspace. Or, separate the START and FINISH sections on screen in such a way that there is more space between them, and allow the user to see the image, whether it falls inside of the workspace or not (along with the ability to still control its handles, zoom, rotation, mask, etc.)