Trouble with Chroma Key (MACBOOK PRO HANGS)

Hi Guys, i’m really loving work with MimoLIVE but a lot of hangs are making me mad!

This time i have trouble with Chroma Key, but the hard part is that is really hard to replicate. I wrote it here anyway hoping someone has the same problem.

I’m using a very recent Macbook Pro with Mojave 10.14.1 and MimoLive 4.4.1.
My Webcam is a Logitech C922 Pro Stream and i’m in front of a right-lighted green screen.
So, when i use “Chroma Key Basic” it works for a while, then, suddeny and without any reason, it stops to work and i see the green screen, even if not clear, but a little bit fuzzy. I would like to stop the fx and lunch it agin but as soon as i click on “settings” the mac hangs.

From that moment, it is panic-mode. If i reboot MIMOLIVE the webcam will not work. And if i touch any live layer it does not became from red (live) to gray but it goes to a weird “orange state”. if i click again the layer is not live anymore, but it does not really disappear from output. And the webcam is still not working. If i click on settings in the webcam…HANGS AGAIN!

If i reboot again, the same problem again. The only way to get rid of this problem is to wait 10-15 minutes or open a new MimoLive project where i can use the webcam again.

I know it’s a mess, but i can’t use the green screen if it hangs so often and unfortunately is very hard for me to know how to replicate the problem.

Any Idea,
thank you in advance,

@bandian Francesco, please try the beta 4.5b2 to see if those hangs are still happening. macOS 10.14 is giving us some headaches and we think that those hangs are solved with the 4.5b2 beta.