Trouble moving from 24fps to 30fps

We do our live Mac Geek Gab show every week, streaming to Facebook and YouTube. Recently, Facebook (or maybe it was YouTube) complained that I was live-streaming at 24fps and said I should be at 30fps. So I went in and changed my Show to be 30fps, and that was fine, and of course I also changed my camera to be 30fps. Also fine. I had John do the same thing, since he’s using mimoLive to connect to my mimoCall. We’re running into two spots of weirdness:

  1. Every time I re-launch mimoLive, my (Logitech Brio) camera source has reverted back to 24fps, even if I just quit and relaunch without doing anything else that uses the camera. Is there something I can do to “force” mimoLive to stick the camera fps settings?

  2. When John changed his show from 24fps to 30fps, his mimoCall connection to me maxed out at 15fps. So, for clarity, show at 24fps = mimoCall at 24fps, show at 30fps = mimoCall at 15fps.

Any thoughts? Thanks!