Triggering Webhooks

Hi there wonderful Mimoans!

Any ideas how I can fire a webhook/mailhook on start/end show and when certain layers go live.

Looking to use this to trigger various integromat scenarios.

Sounds cool doesn’t it :sunglasses:

Anyone doing this?

Thinking out loud but could making a web browser layer live accomplish this or would you have a better idea?

I got the webhook to fire easy enough with httpRequest in automation. Thank you! Awesome!

Is it possible to pass through the layerSet name etc with the webhook?

Perhaps @Achim_Boinx can help me understand. :blush:

Unfortunately the Automation layer don’t know anything about who activated it (e.g. if a layer set triggert it, or you, or even by the remote control). You may activate an individual automation layer variant for each layer set with a different httpRequest(). Will this work for you?

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That’s what I ended up doing yesterday! It works. I use the same document so it’s not an issue setting this up. Really cool! Thank you