Triggering other layers?

Is it possible for a custom layer to access and trigger the live status of other layers and/or layer sets?

This is key to a layer I was hoping to write, but there doesn’t seem to be anything in the documentation about accessing or controlling other layers…


That is an interesting idea! Currently mimLive doesn’t support triggering other layers natively (there is only a “start the show” action).

However, you could try to use the JSON Importer patch (comes with mimoLive) to trigger the HTTP-API of mimoLive itself. The API gives you access to all kind of data in mimoLive and is able to switch on/off or toggle layers.

Here is the API documentation with a brief description on how to build a request URL:


Building an API URL

The JSON Importer patch will output a QuartzComposer struct that you can easily examine with the “Struct” patches.

Does this help?

Hey @everyone We’re going to host a “Create Your Own mimoLive Layer MasterClass” on Friday, May 15th at 9am Pacific.

Achim will walk you through creating your own mimoLive Layer in Quartz Composer. If you want to play along, please install Xcode, Quartz Composer and the Lua Patch ( in preparation for this class.