Transition - page turning

Is there a transition for ‘Page turning’?

In a word – NO.

During the last couple of months with so much time on my hands I downloaded a trial version of Photopia Director for the Mac (the newest incarnation of the older Windows-based ProShow Gold application). There are just a ton of transition effects that Photopia offers, along with something that I would like to see in FM – keyframes AND curved paths! You can make an image move along a curved path and also have it move to multiple locations on the same slide simply by combining keyframes.

I would love to see a LOT of things that Photopia offers implemented in FotoMagico, and for a moment I almost thought of abandoning ship and switching over, but I’ve been a FM user for years now and really like it (albeit it does have its limitations). I guess the even bigger reason I wouldn’t switch is the cost – you pay for FM and it’s yours. Photopia is a pay-as-you-go application, like Adobe products have become, and at a cost of $25 – PER MONTH!!!, that’s just totally prohibitive. I also didn’t see a way to run Photopia without an internet connection, although I might be mistaken in that regard. Which of course makes using it restrictive depending upon your resources.

@stantastic Thanks for being a long time supporter!