Transition of foreground image

Is it possible to have one image posted on top of another and just animate the top image. When I click on the top image and animate the lower one automatically animates in the same way.

I have certainly done it with two images that are side-by-side, but it’s difficult to understand exactly what you might want to achieve with one on top of the other. Maybe you need to create two different slides, animate the one that you want to animate, then move one on top of the other and adjust the opacity accordingly. I can’t test this for myself as I don’t currently have a subscription. Sorry.

Londinese - Thank you. I didn’t get notified that you had replied. I tried animating (in fact transitioning is what I mean) and then moving it onto the base image but it changed the transition back to the base image.
To clarify what I mean. I start with an image of a street and the transition is set to dissolve. I want three images to appear on top of the base image but to appear using Cube transition. Whatever I try either the base image adopts the transition of the doors (Cube) or if I change the base image back to Dissolve all the images use Dissolve. Ray

Ray, the transitions always work on the complete stack of images, so you can’t have the cube transition separately for individual images, I’m afraid.

For an (admittedly inelegant) workaround, you could try putting all the images you want to use with the cube transition into one slideshow and export a rendered movie from it. Then, import this rendered movie into your original slideshow and place it at the bottom of your image stack. Now, you will have the movie showing the cube transition beneath the images.