Total Freeze with New FotoMagico 4 Update

After upgrading to the latest version of FotoMagico 4, I attempted to playback a slideshow and after clicking the play button, FotoMagico froze and I had to force quit to exit. I deleted and re-installed the software and I’m getting the same result. PLEASE HELP.

Our support team recommended “resetting FotoMagico Preferences” to you via email. Did this worked for you?

Mine is doing it too can you post how to reset the preferences.

@peterzpicts: To reset FotoMagico preferences:

  • Quit FotoMagico
  • Delete all the files, that starts with com.boinx.fotomagico…. from the folder ~/Library/Containers/com.boinx.FotoMagico4/Data/Library/Preferences (To get into Library folder open up Finder, click “Go” on the top bar of the screen. Hold down the option key and the Library folder will appear in the drop down menu.)
  • Relaunch FotoMagico.

That is not fixing my problem could I have a corruption issue with my project?

@peterzpicts: 1) Is the spinning beach ball popping up, or is it, that FotoMagico just don’t responds to any commands you give it? 2) Does a message appear in the “Console” app by Apple that maybe related just at the time of freezing?

Mine froze because I used a song that was removed from my iCloud … Go figure!

I am now unable to use Fotomagico 4…it totally freezes the computer. I cannot quit the program. I use this everyday. I have already tried resetting the preferences. It worked fine until I did un update last night. Please help or refund money so i can find another movie/slideshow program that will work. I am using OSX 10.7.5

@abrish: It is very unlikely that FotoMagico can cause a total freeze of the computer because it is running in a secured environment. However FotoMagico may call MacOS and its installed graphics drivers that are able to freeze the system. Maybe you have to update your graphics driver? Another thing that can cause system freezes are wrong system file permissions on you hard disk. Please try to run “Disk Utility” by Apple and check your hard disk. If you still want to get a refund, please contact support(at)

Bringing in photos through the images option brings the in in file-name order, not the order I have placed them. One day, I tried dragging them from an iPhoto album directly into the FM timeline…and it worked! They stayed in the order that I had place them! However, I have NOT been able to do that again…what is the secret handshake? :slight_smile:

@raymackt: FotoMagico is using the order of the dragged file the way the source is stacking them up. I guess by default Finder is giving the file to FotoMagico in alphabetically order. However, if you are using the image browser within FotoMagico it should remain the sort order you are finding here.

The only place that you can sort photos in iPhoto is in an Album and when I select the iPhoto Album in the image browser the photos are not in the order I sorted them. I can drag an iPhoto Event from iPhoto into the timeline or the storyboard of FotoMagico but I can not drag an Album. Please help or fix this problem. I make large slideshows and to drag in each photo one a time just doesn’t work. I guess I’ll just have to stick with iMovie where I can drag in an Album and the photos are in the order I sorted them in.

@stevepstn: Usually sorting images in an iPhoto album and using this sort order in FotoMagico should just work. Thats how I tried it:

  • Create a new album in iPhoto
  • add some images to it
  • reorder the images
  • quit iPhoto (to make sure the image database gets saved to disk, where FotoMagico is able to pick it up
  • start FotoMagico
  • create a new document
  • open the image browser on the right
  • select “Libraries > iPhoto > MyAlbum”, my sorted album appears below
  • select the first image of the album
  • hit command-A to select all the images from that album (or use the rubber band to select them)
  • drag all the images to the story board, they should remain in the correct order

Do those steps work for you?

Alternatively you can select the images in iPhoto in the album directly and drag them over to FotoMagico’s storyboard.

Thanks for your (as always) quick and detailed feedback. What you explained is exactly what I have been doing. The problem I am having is that I have already sorted 4 albums in iPhoto, totaling around 350 photos. And for some reason only one of the albums is displaying incorrectly in FotoMagico. No matter how I try to duplicate or copy/paste the Album the photos look good in iPhoto but wrong in FM. I am trying the “Rebuilding Thumbnails” and “Rebuilding Database” actions in iPhoto and I’ll see what happens. Plus I can still only drag into FM from my Events and not my Albums. Weird. Anyway I love the software and hope I can figure it out one of these days. :-S

@stevepstn: A third alternative maybe to export your images from iPhoto to a folder on your desktop temporarily. When exporting the images from iPhoto make sure to select “Kind: Original” and “File Name: Sequential” in order to get the original files and in the order you sorted them in your album.

Does dragging all 350 images at once directly from iPhoto to FotoMagico work for you?