To use lower thirds of HTML with mimoLive


I just downloaded 6.3.1 yesterday to test mimoLive and installed it with a trial license.
Mac for testing is MacBookAir2018. Core i5/16GB/Ventura/Japan
What I want to do is make a lower third from Discord chat and output Key/Fill from UltraStudio mini. For this I will use the Chrome extension Social Stream Ninja.

I registered Social Stream Ninja’s “Featured chat overlay” URL as “Web Browser” in the mimoLive source. And I pressed the Live button only for that layer. The lower third graphics were output from the UltraStudio mini, but the popup action is awkward. Also, for some reason the cursor is output together. The same is true when looking at “Program Output” on the MacBook Air display.
The same “Featured chat overlay” URL plays very smoothly in OBS. There is no cursor contamination in OBS.
Is this because my MacBookAir is powerless? Or is it because it’s a trial license?
Does anyone have experience combining mimoLive with the Chrome extension Social Stream Ninja and Discord?


Hi @Technohouse_Nakajima Thanks for giving mimoLive a try. Social Stream looks very interesting, maybe it is worth investigating a more direct integration with mimoLive. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

As for the technical problems: I ‘m sorry about the troubles. The reason is only partly that the MBA is a little at the edgde of its performance limits. The other part is that the Web Browser Source is based on Safari and Social Stream is optimized for Chrome. Animations work a bit different in Safari and need to be optimized for it to work in mimoLive.

I will investigate Social Stream a bit more. Did it take you long to get it installed? Seems like there are wuite a number of steps required.

Hi Oliver-san,

Thank you for your reply.
As for Mac, I’m using MBA just for testing. Configuration for work assumes purchase of Mac Studio M2 Ultra. Hopefully this will fix some orange warnings that appeared when running the template “Lower Third Playground”.
I’m convinced that the web browser originates from Safari and Social Stream Ninja is a Chrome extension and there is a difference. I see!
If you use Chrome, installing Social Stream Ninja is not that difficult.
On the other hand, if you can get more social media account support, you may not need to stick with Social Stream Ninja. “Discord” has recently become popular in Japan. Also, “Line” is very popular.

Thank you