Titles across more than one slide

I am new to Fotomagico. I want to show a title across more than one slide, so that the tile animates across two or more slides without the slide transition being applied to the title. Can this be done?

I don’t think there’s a solution for this, since the transition applies to the entire slide, including the titles that are on it.

If you had a static title (no animation) the only transition you could apply would be a cut, where one slide simply gets replaced with another immediately. You’d have the title placed on both slides, and when the cut takes place, the title appears in the same place on the second slide.

If you animate the title you could copy its ending size and location from the first slide and paste its geometry on the next slide and start from there. Again, it would have to be a cut transition from one slide to the next. You need an instantaneous transition for the effect to work. Otherwise, wipes and dissolves and fades all apply to the title as well, and it all falls apart.

I could be wrong, of course :wink: There might be a workaround…

stanstastic’s solution is actually the only workaround we currently have to accomplish this. but this will always also apply the transition to the title.