Title text not antialiased

Is there a way to turn antialiasing on for titles? They’re coming out pretty pixellated.

Hm, that is quite unusual. Which text size are you using? And what is the zoom value for the title layer?

Helvetica Neue Italic, 53pt. How do I get the zoom value? I didn’t set one…

Same problem in all the titles of the demo show. Using 5.0b62 on a MacBook Pro 2010 13" (no Retina display) running OS X 10.11.3 with 8 GB of RAM and an SSD system drive.

Hey, glad I’m not the only one.

MacBook Air 13" late2011 10.11.3 4GB RAM + SSD here, fwiw.

Here’s an example screenshot taken from the demo show during playback with 5.0b65.