Title not working

I’m using FotoMagico 3. My title just section option will not let me add a title. Anybody have this problem? Or is their a link to use titles? Thanks, Richard

Can you describe what happens when you try to add a title?

Same problem! Suddenly when I ask for a Title, i become the box “Title” but I cannot write inside. I had tried to restart many time Fotomagico or the Mac but it doesn’t work (before three day’s it has work fine!) :frowning:

I can reproduce this issue here. As soon as I double click on the title box I can edit it again. Can you please check if that works for you?
We’ll look into that.

I am having the same issue. Nothing I do will allow me to change or modify the title area. I need this resolved because I have customers work to deliver.
It was working and then just stopped.
Norman Kushner running IMac 10,6.7 3.33 Intel core duo 12 GB Ram

When I double click inside the title area the word title just disappears. I can get it to sometimes come back but with the same problems.
Norman Kushner

I have version 3.7.1 on my laptop and titles work as expected, later versions do not, one work around of sorts I have found is to zoom the title to 325% and that seems to fix the problem for me ???


Norm, this will be solved in the next update.
beth, are you referring to the same issue? Such a huge zoom could be a workaround but it is also possible that it causes other side effects, so I can’t recommend it, I’m afraid.

Rudolf, the issue I am having with titles is that unless I zoom the title I cannot get the text centred within the box, so when I use centre justify everything goes to one side, I am using 3.7.1 at the moment because it is a bit of a pain having to adjust the zoom as I have titles for most slides, which works fine so no problem,

Hello Rudolf,
Do you have an ETA for the update?

I’m having the same problem with title. Tried the 4/28 release of 3.8b3 but that crashed after install just like the previous version (3.8b2) and could not get it open again. Had to go back to 3.7.6 but I’m at a standstill till title gets fixed.

alhg, I have gone back to 3.7.1 and titles work as expected,

Beth, How did you get 3.7.1? Only old version on website is 3.7.6.

Sorry !! I had 3.7.1 on my laptop when I went to Borneo and have never upgraded it, I now normally use FM on my Imac which has been upgraded, maybe you could ask Rudolf if it is possible to get 3.7.1 so you can get the work you need to do finished,

Here is a link to see the problem I am having with Titles, others seem to have different problems , http://www.screencast.com/users/Rayw1/folders/Jing/media/0ef82fda-113c-43f9-83a5-1624c6c0fe42

Version 3.8 (which fixes two bugs with title editing) will be out in the next couple of days.

Thanks Peter, I will look out for it ,


Any progress on Version 3.8 ?


It seems to be veeeery close :wink:

Cool :slight_smile: