Timeline Problems

  1. Timeline Zoom Problem

I have a 6 minute timeline but I cannot zoom out to see the whole timeline.

Tried the Timescale slider (bottom left) by dragging to the left but only a portion of the timeline is shown. It also seems intermittent when dragging sometimes it shows different timescales.
If you drag to the left fully it zooms in so you can view fine detail (great).
If you drag to the right you would expect to zoom out completely but it does not, only a portion of the timeline.

  1. Timeline Feature/Option 1

Another feature with the zoom, it would be nice to be able to allocate keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of the timeline. Unfortunately even the “apple” cmd+"=" and cmd+"-" keys are not even programmed within Fotomagico or in it’s menus so you cannot program yourself via the preferences workflow.

  1. Timeline Feature/Option2

Another option would allow you to see the whole “project” on one screen and also show the total in minutes and seconds. This also applies in general views as it is so helpful if you are editing to a certain time factor. The reason I say this is because sometimes the time is seen on the graduated bar if you are zoomed in but not always. Perhaps show the overall time in a separate window/box

  1. Playback stops

If you have say 2 music tracks on the same “track” and play the slideshow it will stop at the end of music track One! even if you have additional slides on the main story above the music. You can get around this if you put the 2nd music one track below so there is an overlap, the slideshow will continue playing but you lose the audio waveforms on the 2nd music track. Needs sorting.

  1. If you add audio markers to your music track and have the slides programmed to continue at Audio Marker you will find that they stop following the markers after about 5:45 minutes. Perhaps this is a limitation within Fotomagico, if so it is needs to be fixed.

  2. In addition you cannot go past 06:03::6 when zoomed in our at widest zoom if you only have music. Easily checked if you add several music tracks after each other. You can zoom to the end IF you add blank slides.

I would welcome any feedback - maybe I am doing something wrong or maybe overseen something…


1+2) Thanks for the feature request! I put it on our wish list.
3) At the bottom center of the document window there is a note like “14 slides total (0:01:23) - 2 slides selected (0:00:23)” Is this what you are looking for?
4) Is it possible that you have setup a slide to “Continue at Mouse Click”? If not, can you please provide us with a sample slideshow?
5) I can reproduce this bug. Thanks for reporting! Will be fixed ASP.
6) Did you mean 6 hours?

Back on it :slight_smile:
3 Yes it indicates the total slides and duration but would be nice also to see a graduated timescale (where you have slide numbers). It only needs to be minutes marker when viewed “out” so you can see relative parts of the slide show. I know say a 6 minute slideshow timeline can be easily dissected mentally but only if you can zoom out completely. By adding a time marker the same location as the slide count would be great.
4) I managed to sort this myself but forgot how I did it in the end (it was a while ago)
6) No it was 6 mins:03 secs but that seems to have sorted itself out too

  1. Sorry, I didn’t quite get it. Do you mean chapter markers? Can you provide us with a visual mockup of what you are looking for?

Unfortunately I had to move on and ditched the project and did it another way.