Tick marks on visibility and animation sliders...

Hi, guys –

At first it didn’t dawn on me how you came up with the number of tick marks on the two sliders, but after looking at a slide lasting 3.0 seconds and finding 3 segments, then a slide lasting 10.0 seconds and finding 10 segments, and then a slide lasting 2.5 seconds and finding 2-1/2 segments, it all made sense :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity I set a slide duration to 50 seconds!! And those tick marks look a bit crowded, but then again, that’s probably going to be a rare instance where a slide needs to last THAT long!

But, I would still like to suggest that those tick marks are treated the same as a “tab stop” – so as we move the triangles under the slider bar the triangle SNAPS to each of the ticks with a definitive “click” sound – the same as when the triangle reaches the edge of the “yellow” in and out settings.

The ability to see a value (in seconds, perhaps in a little pop-up box above the slider) would be nice, so that the user can maintain consistency from one slide to another.

Thanks for your feature requests. Actually you can click in the edit box of the Visibility to see the values and enter them manually if you want to. Unfortunately this isn’t implemented for the Animation part yet.

I am not sure about if “tick sounds” and snapping to the seconds marker make sense because “working on seconds” isn’t very common. If you want to have a snap, then you would need the option to adjust the grid width, right?

Oh, brother – I don’t think I even noticed a pop-up for the Visibility slider before. Okay, that’s my fault if I didn’t. Or maybe I just forgot about it when I was writing the request.

But, yes, it would be good to have the same type of thing for the Animation slider as well (start, finish, ease in/out).

As for snapping to the tick marks with a click sound, I think it’s a quicker way to keep things consistent from one slide to another (if, say, they have the same duration), or to play with visibility vs. animation more precisely. I don’t think there’s a need to adjust the grid width at all, just that the software recognizes whenever one of the bottom triangles align with one of the new grid lines, it makes a “click” and as a “sticky point” there – just like you already do when the triangle reaches the limits of the yellow in/out areas.

I have never “expanded” the right-hand area of the screen to the left, but just realized that it can be done (clicking on the division line between the work space and the options panel, thus reducing the work space area on the left), and thus allows the slider areas to grow. It does allow for a more precise adjustment when the grid is expanded in that way.

I just thought it would be easier to drag a triangle left or right and have it “snap” to one of the grid markers (it can also land anywhere in between). Adjustments down to the second are probably not that important when a slide lasts a LONG time, but as the duration of a slide becomes shorter, it’s harder to make finer adjustments.

Are you understanding what I’m trying to get at?