Third Party tools to use with mimoLIve

Hi friends, I’ve started a list of third party tools that are useful in combination with mimoLive:

Do you have any other tools you use regularly with mimoLive?


Virtual Director looks amazing. I had wondered for a few years when someone would do that. You can already get dedicated tripod mount cameras that follow a radio tag. the company who makes them had videos of Surfers using them in the promo a few years ago. (though who stops people on the beach stealing your camera I’m not sure). And you can get AI sports reporting apps that use the detailed statistics from a sporting event (player & team stats) to generate a match report. You can get AI voice from text… Soon you won’t need the humans at all except to set the gear and software up!

just noting from down under that they’re an NZ outfit, not Australian.

I think @achim has used ngrok to remotely control mimoLive on a distant Mac. Would love to know more about how to set that up. I could use it in the future to operate a broadcast from the other side of Australia.

Thanks for the note. I have corrected the oversight.

Yes, ngrok isn’t easy to set up and a tutorial is on the todo list… If I ever muster the courage to try it myself! :wink:

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Thank Olivier,
I didn’t know Internet Clicker. This is what I was looking for to enrich my shows. Thanks