Themes for Magico - Apple idvd.

Hi - New to this so here goes - Recently purchased Majico and was wondering if there are any ‘themes’ such as those available on Apple idvd available? Alternatively can i create a slideshow in Majico and then ‘export’ to idvd and attach the idvd theme to the project before writing to disc? Hope this makes sense? Is there a ‘work-a-round’ to this?

You have a couple of options – from the main menu go to File > Share and choose either DVD or QuickTime Movie. Using DVD, you can export/burn the movie using Toast if you have that, and use whatever “themes” are available from within Toast. Or, if you choose to export your FotoMagico slideshow as a QuickTime Movie, you can save it to your hard drive and then import it into Apple’s iDVD and use any of the themes from within iDVD.

Either way, you WILL lose resolution quality by exporting and displaying your slideshow on a DVD (that’s the nature of the beast).

And to answer your original and basic question – NO, there are no “themes” that you can choose from from within FotoMagico.

I’m also having problems getting an HD Quicktime movie slideshow to burn in iDVD. It always errors out in encoding in iDVD. What am I not doing correctly or is it not possible to do this? Does Toast work better then iDVD? I’m not sure I want to purchase Toast so would appreciate any experience you have had.

I’m not going to offer any more than what I know – or what I’ve done. I’ve generated an HD Movie from FotoMagico and saved it as a standalone QT Movie file that plays independently. I never burned it under iDVD. I simply wrote (i.e., burned) the file to a DVD disc to send to others. They opened it under QT on their computers and it worked. It was not embedded inside of any iDVD-themed structure.

Also, I haven’t done any “comparison” between Toast and iDVD. I just tend to use Toast a lot for burning my backup discs of data, photos, etc. and I’m comfortable with it. So I use it to burn our slideshow files as well. Pretty much ALL of the slideshow “fluff” is within the slideshow itself (created in FotoMagico), which is why I personally tend NOT to use iDVD (I don’t need/want to use the themes that iDVD offers).