The video part of the slideshow could not be rendered!


Need your help!

Just opened a file that I had created and successfully exported about 2 months ago! I just added a couple of extra images and when I try to export it as a custom video (H264, mov) I get this error:

“The video part of the slideshow could not be rendered!”

Any ideas! I really need this to work as a client is waiting for the file.

I tried the export in my current version (unsuccessfully) and then updated to the latest version which was no better.


Did you update your macOS recently? What is your current macOS version?
Does the slideshow play back in FotoMagico as you would expected?
Can you share your FotoMagico file with us so we can have a look whats happening? (Direct message a download link to me)

Hi Achim

I can export it as an iPad file (which is huge) but just not the custom format?


If you do custom export settings you need to know exactly what you do. There are combinations of parameters that won’t work for encoding movies. Please can you tell us what your desired settings are but which gave you the error?

Hi Achim!

I have attached a screenshot of the first step! These are the settings I have always been using with no issues!


Step 1

@geofftelforduk Can you please try to use Profile: High 5.1

If I read the specs correctly, that would be required for the resolution and framerate you’re trying to export.