The opening animations in the FM demo

Can someone tell me how these animations were done? I’ve also seen a couple of others with “special effects” - shooting star, etc. Any ideas?

I guess the easiest thing is to open up the demo slideshow yourself and examine it closely. You can open the FotoMagico Demo slideshow with the menu command “File -> Open Demo Slide Show”. Most effects are based on creating transparent images e.g. in PhotoShop in order to place objects on top of other images to gain a 2 1/2 D effect. If you have further questions please ask!

Thanks Achim - I’m not sure how to open it on a mac? It is a youtube rather than a FM file?

Sorry to be unclear: The FotoMagico app itself carries a demo slide show with it where we used all the tricks. Start FotoMagico and select “File -> Open Demo Slide Show” from the menu bar. You will get a new project in FotoMagico with a finished slideshow. Play back the slideshow and stop at any time you see an effect that interests you. Now you can examine the timeline in the project to see how the effect is created.

Thank you Achim. It was the opening scene I wanted to know how you did - it’s clearly made on an animation app of some sort (one of yours?).

The animation of the dropping had and the blinking stars was done in Keynote by Apple. It was then exported as a QuickTime movie file and imported in FotoMagico.

Thank you for that!