the new split screen pack one

is there anywhere a tutorial how to work with the animated split screen pack? not just how to load the picks in but what if i want to change things around. Sorry, I’ve just got the Fotomagico 5 and the pack and have a deadline tomorrow.

The Split Screen Pack is a perfect starting point for making interesting slideshows. Once you dragged in a split screen module you can exchange the placeholder images with your own. You can combine multiple split screen macros to create a rich experience for your audience.

Even that the split screen modules are well designed you may want to change things: In order to change the pan and zoom of a specific image you need to select it in the stage. Then you should see a “Start” on the left side and an “End” on the right side. Now you can move, zoom or rotate the image at the starting point and at the end point. Click the playback button in the middle of the document window to run the preview.

If you happen to have the FotoMagico Pro version you are also able to change the masks. Each image in an split screen has a “Mask” that is fixed in the screen layout. You can select an image and switch the editing focus from “Layer” to “Mask” at the bottom of the stage. Now that you are editing the mask of your image you can also define a start and and end position. If you want to have it steady you need to copy&paste the geometry from the “Start” to the “End”.

Read more about working with image layers and masks in the online documentation here:

Do you have further questions?

Where can i get some tutorial for Splitscreen pack 1?

@Kayo Thank you for using FotoMagico. You can find a demo of the Splitscreen Pack’s capabilities at

The Splitscreen Pack is collection of Snippets that help you set up those effects. Using Snippets is easy: Drag a snippet into the time line. Then drag the images you want to use on the placeholders which will then be replaced.

We don’t know what to put into a tutorial as using Snippets is so easy. What questions would you like to get answered in a tutorial on this topic?

When I drag an image onto one of the split screen placeholders, nothing happens. The image doesn’t appear. What am I doing wrong?

I’ve got a problem - I drag a snippet from the split screen pack onto the story board, and it adds a whole bunch of slides - but they are all showing images A, B, C, and D. I want to have the images be different on the other slides - so I can have images A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H etc - how do I change it so I can have more images? That way it is now if I change Image A on Slide 1, Image A on Slide 2 will be changed to match. I want Slide 2 to start with Image E, not image A.