The effect "Spread 3D" failed to render

Hello. In Boinx FX Tiles, we keep getting a message saying - The effect “Spread 3D” failed to render: Your hardware cannot render at the requested size and depth.

Please see attached files for our hardware specs. What should we change or adjust to allow the effect to render?

Thank you.

One more comment - the software works fine in After Effects, but not in Final Cut Pro.

My first suggestion is to make sure that you have FxFactory 4.0.1 installed. Version 4.0.1 is available here:

When working with an HD sequence set to render in high-precision, which requires four times as much memory and video memory as an 8-bit YUV render, Final Cut Pro will often decide that it does not have enough video memory to render any given effect. That’s when you get the infamous “Cannot render at the requested size and depth” error message. By “depth”, Final Cut Pro means the number of bits reserved for each component. For a high-precision render, it’s 32 bits rather than 8.

There are a number of workarounds to this problem. The first, is to make sure that your sequence is set to render in 8bit:

  • Open the Sequence Settings window and switch to the Video Processing tab
  • Select the “Render in 8-bit YUV” option <see attached image 1>
  • Try rendering the sequence again

The second approach is to give up performance to preserve quality. FxFactory 2.0.6 gives you an option to use main memory (traditional RAM) instead of video memory (VRAM, on your graphics card) for exchanging images with Final Cut Pro. This will impact performance a bit, but it will make it possible for you to render in high-precision. To do that:

  • open the FxFactory application
  • open the Preferences window, and switch to the “FxPlug” section: <see attached image 2>
  • switch the first option in the list to “Use main memory”
  • close the preferences window, restart Final Cut Pro and attempt to render again.

We recommend to try the first approach. High-precision rendering sounds very good in principle, but it only makes sense if your sources are really high-quality, and you are applying many effects stacked over the same clip (color adjustments, glows, etc.)

(Thanks to Noise Industries for this detailed description of the problem)