Thanks for the invite

And thanks for this forum, I hope it goes well , I use FM and was wondering if you had any plans/thoughts on doing a windows version or at least be able to play a slideshow on windows, most, if not all the people I make slideshows for don’t have a Mac ! so I export as HD Movie and then sometimes make a DVD from that if I want to put on a disc, which is quite good, but not the same as playing on the Standalone player, apart from that I love this software and am learning more every time I use it ,

Ray, welcome! We are aware that many people want to watch the FotoMagico slideshows on other platforms. Creating a Windows player is on our agenda, but we haven’t come up with a good way to do it yet. We are exploring a couple of options but I can’t make promises.



Thanks Oliver, that is really good news that you are looking into it, I wish you well in your efforts ,

I agree, it’s a really need to be able to share with windows user in a different way than HD movie (this takes time, lot of memories and doesn’t give the highest result ).
Dany Diaporamator

This is true Dany, I generally make my slideshows 40/45 minutes long so have to leave FM exporting overnight ! I think the quality is quite good although I don’t get good results with animated text scrolling over photos, which look fine on the Mac, so for the time being I am trying to work out some other options, maybe I will try audio narration instead,