Thanks for the flexible audio mix capability in 4.2!

I just wanted to say kudos to Beni and the Boinx team for implementing flexible audio mix capability in mimoLive 4.2.

This will be great for bringing in guests using external communications tools (like Discord) where you’re feeding audio and video from mimoLive to them via the Virtual Camera feature and don’t want to create a distracting echo that can detract from the guest experience.

I’ve already used mimoLive to collaborate with a partner on a music project through Discord, and this will be a game-changer both for collaborative and broadcast use cases in my opinion.

Virtual Camera has also been great because it enables me to feed audio from my DAW to Discord for real-time comment as we work on a track together.

We’re also working on a live-streaming project, and we will definitely be using both features to their fullest as well.

Keep it up.


@dcarmich Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated!

In case you wanted to feed a specific audio mix to the Virtual Camera output destination, please be aware that this particular output destination does not yet support selectable audio mixes. The Virtual Camera - or more precisely the mimoLive virtual audio driver - is currently hard-wired to the program mix. As stated in the release notes of 4.2b1 audio mixes can currently be assigned to output destinations for Live Streaming, File Recording, NDI® Playout, BMD Playout and Audio Aux.

Do I understand correctly that Virtual Camera + separate audio mix is the feature you are looking for in your particular use case?

Yes. Basically bringing guests into a stream (via Discord or a similar application) and feeding them a specific mix.