Text Priority over Image

Hi All. I’m getting started and would highly appreciate some advice. I’m doing a show that is guided by a Poem. So the Text is the leader. Then I’m adding pictures to the different verses. I would want to first load all the text into it, then be able to play with the pictures. That also means, the same Verse might stay there across multiple images in a row. I guess “Titles” to every image is not the way to do this…
What would be the best approach?
Thank you so much for some guidance!

I’m having a little trouble understanding exactly what you’re trying to do – sounds like a kind of “sing-a-long” where the words show up as the images change, but you want the text to remain on screen from image to image as the poem (text) progresses.

I’m going to give an explanation a try here. In this case, YES, you DO have to put a title on every image (slide), and make sure it’s the top layer. If the poem’s verse gets longer and longer for each added image, just place the first line of the verse on your first slide. Then copy and paste that title on the next slide, but now add the next line of the verse, and change the image. Keep doing that until you build up the verse line by line. You can use the “Copy Geometry” and “Paste Geometry” options so that the text remains in the same location from slide to slide (make sure you leave enough space on the FIRST slide so by the time you’re finished with the entire verse it all appears on the last slide).

Again, without knowing exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, my description may or may not be of any assistance. Hope that helps, though…

Thank you so much, Stantastic. Sorry if i wasnt clear enough.

  1. The Verses do not add up, but change. Mostly 1-2 lines. Some verses appear only with one image, while others stay there across more than one image.
  2. I’m also wondering, whether i can alter the text parameters at the end, across the whole thing, by batch. I guess no?
  3. Oh and i had a smart idea, to be able to recognize the different verses in the timeline (title not readable): With chapters. So each Verse is a new chapter. Each chapter contains one or more images. Good idea?
    Thanks again!!

The easiest thing to do is to create multiple slides where you need to text to remain the same and the image changes, or the image remains the same and the text changes. Just duplicate the first slide when each of those events occur, then on the next slide either change the image, or change the text.

I don’t know what you mean by “alter the text parameters” – you can enlarge or reduce text in size using the animate option on any single slide if you want to. Or change the color of the text from slide to slide (fading from one color to another). What “parameter” are you trying to alter?

Yes, you can use chapter markers if you want to. In all the slide presentations my wife and I have made, we’ve never seen the need for markers, so I’m not proficient in talking about them.

Thanks! With text parameters i meant everything anout the text. Size, Background/transparency, position. I guess everything but position.
But it behaves strangely. I mark multiple slides, alter the text parameters, and it reacts…not, or lagged.