Text kerning tracking

Much easier and high quality shows on Fotomagico need more TITLE ANIMATION

  1. Allow text to run across several slides instead of one (you can fake it with layers but you lose better individual control of image slides in layers)
    2)Simple but professional animation of text tracking is a pain to do in AEffects and bring into FM. At least make tracking available as an animation tool. (Swirls etc look cheap and amateurish)


I’ve been wanting to see some text animations and better control for a long time. Would like to animate drop shadows, or change of text color (more easily than creating multiple slides with different text colors and then doing a slow dissolve from one slide to another), for example. Basically, the only easy thing to do right now is to animate text by changing its scale, its rotation, and its placement from Start to Finish. Would like to see “morphing” of text from Start to Finish instead – kerning, tracking, color change, font change, etc.