Testing and using 5.ob51

Except for creating personnel snippets, I think I must have tested all the possible features and this version seems to have reached quite a remarkable stability.

I must say good job.
On the next round of testing I will attempt to create a personal snippet.

thanks for your feedback!

Hey dear Basti,
please see my comment related to application of audio clips
Under that conditions its not possible to create slide shows with music.
Would be nice to get a feedback
Best regards
If you have the need for more info, please let me know

Hi, Piefke – no help or suggestions from me here, unfortunately, but I’ve been working on a new slideshow using the FM 5 beta versions for a few months. I currently have a 40 minute presentation with close to 400 slides and close to 15 audio tracks. Haven’t had any major problems importing the audio. They are all .m4a audio files ripped into iTunes off purchased CDs. Hopefully the guys at Boinx can help you fix your problem…

I had several crash problems when trying to export a slideshow. So, how can I send or attach a crash report? With the previous version 4.,a pop-up window was available to transmit such type of incidents, is this no longer available?