Temporarily turn off Mimocalls

Is there any way to turn off all MimoCalls temporarily in a document? I have a show I’m producing for a client later this week, and I’ve been working on the document. I’ve already distributed the connection URLs and we’ve had a dress rehearsal. I just had one of the people connecting “pop” into my work accidentally! Apparently she hit the back button in her browser one too many times. It was fine, but it was a bit awkward! LOL! I can’t change the links, nor can I have them all off as I’m editing things…any suggestions, or would this be an enhancement?

I don’t believe there is a way to turn off active mimoCalls that are in a document. However, you could turn off your internet or use an app such as Little Snitch to temporarily disable mimoLive’s internet access.

Something else you could do that I’ve been doing for many different reasons is create your own call-in links. You could easily disable or change the redirect link while you’re actively working on your project (though I am personally not really worried about people logging on while I’m working on stuff). I’ve detailed the benefits and my workflow in a separate forum post:

Create custom mimoCall Links

@Kebbel You’re absolutely right, there needs to be a way to temporarily deactivate mimoCalls and we’re working on implementing this.

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Great to hear! Another similar feature request, is that the client has a way to “hang up” the call… of course they can just close the browser, but people are used to a “disconnect” button.

Also on the list for the new webclient.

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