Teams / Mimo live?

Is Teams working with Mimolive ?
If yes, how to get the different speakers into Mimo
And how to get the Mimo program into teams ?
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Yes, Teams and mimoLive can work together.

To get video and audio from mimoLive into Teams, you use the Virtual Camera (

It has been reported that the current version of Teams might not support virtual cameras and that Microsoft is working on a fix. Running Teams in the browser is one workaround, here is another.

The official statement is here:

To get the audio and video from Teams into mimoLive, you need to use LoopBack or Blackhole and set up a virtual audio device with the audio from either the Teams app or the browser, depending on what you’re using. To get the video in, use a Window Capture source.

I’m currently working on a document describing this process for Zoom which is very similar.

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Microsoft has updated the information on this issue:

Virtual Cameras are once again supported by MS Teams.