Tally lights and split screen

We work with Magewell HDMI to NDI boxes model Pro convert plus. They came with Tally lights.
On normal layers they work perfect and as expected. Green when a layer is in preview, red when a camera is live.
On some livestreams we use the 2-up layers a lot. For me it is expected behaviour that all tally lights turn red when going live with this layer.
Because the 2-up layer has the ability to switch from 2-up to full screen, I would expect that one tally light will turn green and the fullscreen camera light stay’s red. However both tally lights remain red.
It is convenient to use this layer for full screen and 2 up a lot but it renders the tally lights useless in my opinion,
Can I change the behaviour?

Hi @RicoRoyal Thanks for using mimoLive and for reaching out with your feedback.

In mimoLive, the tally light is controlled by the Source. This means, the source is red when its video is being used anywhere in the document. When you use the 2-up layer, both video sources are on all the time, even if one covers the other. This is so that if you switch to the other, there is no delay for re-activating the source. You are right that there needs to be more fine grained control of the tally lights and I have added that to the list of future improvements.