System requirement to record in 1080p


I have been using BoinxTV and Mimolive for a while, using a 2013 Macbook Pro, 2.6GHz i7 16GB and Nvidia GT 750M 2GB. I use 2 camera sources with 2 Black Magic UltraStudio mini recorders to 2 thunderbolt and 1 computer source using Magewell XI100DUSB to a USB. I also have a Behringer Xenyx Q502USB for audio input. So far so good and I am able to record in 720p/30Hz with little to no drop frame. However when I up the resolution to 1080p or 60 Hz, it starts to drop frames and not very smooth in general, so I thought my notebook was not powerful enough to handle that.

Recently I saw the lowest end Mac Pro with 3.7Ghz Xeon E-5 and dual FirePro D300/2GB on sales (going to be discontinued), so I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately I still experience frame drops when I tried to record in 1080p. The performance monitor bar just keep shooting up occasionally and frames droppings, audio lagging and unstable. I was using simple composition of the 3 sources together using PIP layers. But even turned off that layer and show only 1 source, it still drop frame and just cannot keep up.

I remember I used to be able to record in 720P/60HZ in BoinxTV and earlier mimolive beta but after around 2.4 it just cannot handle it anymore. But since I upgraded it no longer working in that configuration.

So my question is, should I return my Mac Pro and keep using my macbook pro, or I was missing something that is needed to drive that workload? Any spec. recommendation for 3 input sources and 1080P recording?

Thanks in advance,

I’m able to record 720 59.94P in my both machines:

1.- rMBP 15 late 2013, 2.3 ghz i7, 16gb RAM 500gb ssd, up to 3 sources
02 thunderbolt BM ultrastudio Minirecorder
01 usb 3.0 AJA U-TIP
2.- Mac pro 5.1 mid 2010, 3.2 ghz six core, 32gb RAM, GTX 680 4gb GPU, up to 7 sources
01 Decklink duo (02 input)
01 Decklink duo 2 (04 input)
01 Decklink Minirecorder (01 input)

In both cases, I use Mimolive 2.6.4, and works very well

With late versions, I always get drop frames and moments of stutter.

Which operative system do you have?
Seems like El capitan have better performance than Yosemite

I use latest version sierra 10.12 and mimolive 2.8.2. Hmm, interesting that you have a similar experience that the later version is having issue to record at 60Hz. Let me try 2.6.4 and see if it is better. But regardless so you think MBP is good enough? I really want to return my Mac Pro just because it is just as good or worse that MBP.

Try El capitan and 2.6.4