Sync Audio Problem on MimoLive

Im having problems with crushes and A/V Sync. I have to recconect every 4 minutes during live streaming. And Syc starts well, and then it get worse and worse. Several seconds of delay!
Anyone else??
We need help here!!!

I also have the problem, and it gets more when I broadcast to a network with NDI, but I think our friends at mimolive will overcome it, they have made a great effort

I am having the same issue. We have a 90 minute daily live show. Our network is based on mimoLive. Now, we are in really deep trouble. We are going back to the 5.5 version. But hope to have this problem solved. They are awesome.

Hi @Felipe_Gonzalez, @HechosEcuador and @Paulo_Sergio.
We are aware of the issue and working on a solution. Some users have also rolled back to a older version as a temporary workaround. I will keep you updated.


Thanx guys. I did downgrade to 5.5 and it works fine for me. All sync and crushes problems dissapear.
I Hope you can fix the problem in 5.6.
You’re doing a great job!
Saludos desde Chile!

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Yes, of course, but in 5.5 I do not have the YouTube comments provided by 5.6 | We will soon have a solution

Just letting you know, I rolled back to 5.4.1 which I’ve used previously with no problem but this audio sync issue appeared.

Here’s the live stream I did with 5.4.1 this past Sunday. Funnily enough, the YouTUbe comments worked perfectly on this older version.