Switch between iPhone Pro lenses

Is it possible to switch between iPhone Pro lenses ( Ultra Wide / Wide / Telephoto) inside the mimoReporter App?

I really need to use the Ultra Wide lens, especially in closed environments.




I assist this wish.
Just tried to use the App for a livestream and realised the app is only using the Tele-Lens on the front side.

Using the back camera is a workaround, but then viewers see how I play with layers etc.

An Update would be really great. Thank you Oliver and Achim. Still in love with your software.

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Yes, I have my students doing Live Streams of Middle School Basketball to YouTube and was dismayed that you cannot zoom in on the action from up in the bleachers.

Is this a feature that is coming soon to an iPad near me? (I loved the setup by the way! it was much better than StreamLabs.