Swapping images in a multi-image snippet

Is there an easy way to swap the position of images in a particular snippet slide? For instance if I’m using a “2 Vertical” snippet and I have image A on the left and image B on the right and then decide that the reverse (B on left and A on right) would look better, is there an easy way to swap their locations? Thanks


I don’t think there’s an “easy” one-click solution to do what you want (that is, perform the swap). Just re-drag the image from the image browser you originally placed in A into the image B location, and re-drag the image you placed originally in B into the A location. That should do it…

Thanks. I was hoping there was a more efficient way to do it. I was originally thinking that just rearranging the “stacked” image holders in storyboard view would swap the position of images but obviously that didn’t work. Wouldn’t that make sense to have that capability? Is there another for being able to drag one image below another in the storyboard? At the moment it doesn’t seem to effect anything as far as I can tell.

Thanks again.


You can drag images below other images in the Storyboard, yes – but not if you’re using a Snippet. I believe the ordering and layering is saved within the snippet construct itself. It would make sense to have that capability, though.