Support for AverMedia Live Gamer Portable

Hi Everybody.

All the question is in the title : Did you think it’s possible to make mimolive able to use the Live Gamer Portable natively ?

On Windows they release a little soft to create virtual camera in streaming softs but nothing on Mac, and recording the RecCentral window is really not cool :confused:

@DaBv Thank you for taking the time to write in with your question.

With “natively” you mean that you can use the device as a video source? Do I understand correctly that it doesn’t show up as a source in mimoLive?

Some recent USB 3 devices such as the Magewell HDMI dongle or the Aja U-TAP just work with mimoLive, because they support the USB device class for webcams.

Which of the many different Live Gamer Portable devices are you using?

Hi Oliver and thank you for replying to me

Yes with Natively I mean available as a videosource directly in mimo, actually it didn’t appear anywhere :confused:

And it was the first version of the Live Gamer Portable and it’s a USB 2 device :slight_smile:

I say “it was” because I tried the device in a store, and go back in the store today, but the device was sold :neutral:

But if the problem is solved I’ll may be buy one.

In advance, thank you.

If it didn’t work before, it probably won’t now. This is not a MimoLive issue, its the OS X driver for the device that is the problem. Same issue with the Elgato HD products - not available as an input device in ML. I asked Elgato about it and they said they have no plans to change their drivers on OSX. May I suggest you contact the device manufacturer about it?

Hi Chris.

I’ve already made a request to AverMedia (no response since …), because, yes, the problem come from drivers :confused:

But I ask here too because may be there is a Avermedia SDK (didn’t check) like BlackMagic and the team work on ?

But I finally decide to buy BM product, I want to be sure that it’ll work :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response !

I have the Elgato HD60 Capture device and wanted to try this as well. I had the newer AverMedia but wasn’t happy with the performance (on a PC). I’ll test out the Elgato and report back.