Suggestion for New Layer

I have a text element that has 4 different variants. Looking for a way to cycle thru the elements based on a time delay and then after the last one is shown, an option to loop or to stop.


Duration of time the variant is shown
Type of transition between variants (ie. Dissolve, cut, push left/right/up/down, wipe)
Duration of transition
Loop or stop (and state of stop ON/OFF)

What do you think? Simple project?

@lorcott Thanks for posting this idea. I think it is a fairly simple thing. Can you post (or DM me) a demo video or screenshots of what you want to achieve?

sent an email.

You can’t share it with everyone ? (Could be fun to try making it)

its a 3 mbps video file. I don’t have a place to post it.

Sad :frowning:

Can’t upload on Youtube ?

If you don’t, no problem because the Boinx team will make ti for you :wink:

DaBv…here’s a link. Note the stock price transitions in the lower right.

Ok I see, will try something, be back to you when succeed :wink:

@“Achim (Boinx)” Made me think that in the past I’ve tried to open the News Crawl layer, and it was missing PluginCrawler or something else, it’s a private plugin from you ?

@DaBv Yes, thats right. You will need some QuartzComposer Plugins installed into the system in order to work on the build in layers. You can find them in the application bundle . I don’t know if you already familiar with the documentation on creating your own layers here: and

@“Achim (Boinx)” Gooosh … I swear I’m already familiar with the creation of custom layers … but … I never thought to look into this folder … I always go, mechanically, to the Resources folder … I’m so stupid sometimes ^^

Thank you :wink:

DaBv…hope to learn from you. I know what I need…don’t know how to get there. Primarily a timer to rotate thru date/time/zone info would be very cool.

@lorcott Here are some thoughts on how to implement this:

  • Have a multiline text field (add “_TypeMultiline” as a postfix to your exposed input splitter as documented here: )
  • Create a logic that will split up this string into different single lines and output it one by one over time (use the LUA patch of mimoLive because this is much stable than JAVA Script in QuartzComposer. It will be hard to implement this in vanilla QC, you may also find some code in one of the existing mimoLive layers )
  • use a “Watcher” patch to trigger the animation when ever the text line changes.
  • create an image from the string (Image With String patch) and capture it with a “Sample And Hold” patch so you have it for the transition (triggered by the Watcher)
  • Use a “Time Line” patch to define the timing of the transition. Make sure to set the Timebase of the patch from “Parent” to “External” (right click on the patch itself to change this)
  • Use a Stop Watch patch to control the “Timeline” patch with the “Patch Time”. Reset the stopwatch when ever the “Watcher” patch says there is a new text
  • Use a “Render in Image” patch witch fixed pixel dimension to render the animation: one text image to move out and the second to move in. The Render in Image patch will help to “clip” the content of your “bar”. make sure to have a “Clear” patch inside the Render in Image patch, otherwise you will get pixel garbage)
  • draw the result of the Render in Image patch with a Billboard to screen.

This is just a rough sketch. A different approach would be to export the “Breaking News” layer from mimoLive and implement the animation part only.

I hope you find some inspiration. I am happy to answer further questions.

has anyone made progress on this suggested layer?

Totally beyond my knowledge base.