Suggestion for Copy/Paste Geometry in FotoMagico

While discussing using the Photo Pile snippet in FotoMagico with another user on these forums, it dawned on me that there might be an easier way to do some Copy and Paste Geometry menu functions – that is, if it can be implemented in the code.

To do a Copy/Paste Geometry from say the Start side to the Finish side of an animated slide, right now you need to click on an image (on Start or Finish), do the copy, then click on the other image on the other side, and then do the paste. Same procedure for masks.

My suggestions is: IF you’re on an animated slide with Start and Finish, WHY NOT ADD MENU ITEMS THAT SAY “Copy Geometry FROM Start to Finish” or “Copy Geometry FROM Finish to Start” and let FM do the extra work. This would be implemented for both images AND masks, of course.

This came to me when I realized that sometimes if you’re trying to animate an image by bringing it in from OFF the frame or if you’re doing some type of zoom effect, it sometimes “disappears” (there’s no where to find the bounding box of the image) – so if there’s no easy way to see it, then there’s no easy way to click on it to select it. Since FM KNOWS which image is which on Start and Finish Slides when an image is actually selected, it should be able to know which image to apply the Paste to on the opposite side. Do NOT remove the Copy/Paste Geometry functions that exist now, since people may still want to perform that on DIFFERENT images on the same slide, or between different slides.