Suggested Workflow?

My task is to meld together an hour of so of video with full sound track and a PowerPoint presentation which includes build slides so that video clips act as cutaways from what will essentially be a narrated slide show. I have an edit sheet showing where each slide starts and ends on the timeline and, of course, I have the video in MP4 format (and I know how to convert between formats).

I’m interested in experienced users’ recommendations for the most efficient workflow to apply. It seems at first blush that I might begin by laying down the video/audio segment, then layering in the PowerPoint (stored at the moment in still image JPEG format but modifiable of course), then just cut and replace video talking head stuff with the slides as appropriate.

But am I going to run into some unexpected gotchas if I do this that way? Is there a way that is safer or quicker or easier and more reliable to manage?