Stuttering Video On Output

Hey guys, having some issues when I record a video or when I go live. Things will be fine for 90% of the video, but then I will suddenly have points where my camera will freeze up, and a few seconds later the video will run at double or triple speed and ‘catch up’ to the audio.

Oddly, it is only MY camera that seems effected. If I am doing a 2-person interview, my camera will do this, but the guest (on MIMO Call or on Skype) is fine.

I am using either a built-in solid state or a fast lighting drive when I record, and using direct internet (not WIFI) that has 100MB Upload speeds

Anyone have any idea what might cause such an issue?

Computer: iMac 27", 3.5GHz i7, 32 GB memory, NVIDIA GTX 780 with 4GB.

@“Ray Lane” Sorry to hear about the troubles.

To get to the bottom of this, please let me know the following information:

  • macOS Version
  • Camera and interface
  • mimoLive Version

Is this “feature” also visible in the recording?

Could you please send us the affected mimoLive document?

MacOS: Sierra 10.2.5
Camera: Logitech C920 via USB
MIMO Live: 2.8.1b2 (although I have tried using other versions and had the same issue)

Here is a clip from yesterday’s video that shows what is happening. You can see in the first part that when we are both on the screen, it seems to only effect my camera feed, he seems to be recorded normally.

Mimo File:

Whoops! HERE is the clip showing what is happening…

@“Ray Lane” We’ve noticed some issues with USB webcams recently. In the other case, the Logitech webcam places a very heavy load on the system. Also, make sure that the camera has its own USB channel, not shared through a USB hub.

Yeah, I noticed that it does not work well through a hub :slight_smile:

Do you have any high-quality webcams that you recommend?